What platform is best for building a website?

Of course it’s my own opinion, but I use WordPress and the Divi theme for all of my websites.


What about hosting and a domain?

If you’ve already purchased a domain, I can transfer it to your new site. If not, I can purchase and setup both your domain and hosting for you on your own account.

Do you offer content writing?

I can definitely help you with your website copy! My packages include time for us to go over and figure out a strategic copywriting plan that will help convert on your website.

Where can I get the best SEO services?

Any website agency can offer you SEO services but the main thing to keep in mind is you get what you pay for so do your homework. I offer basic to advanced SEO for all the websites I build. Most of my packages include basic SEO while there is an additional cost for advanced SEO.

Is professional web design within my budget?

I get it. Investing in our businesses is a really big decision, but think about what you get in return: you’re getting strategy, design, and copy from one place that you trust. Every part of your future marketing will lead right back to your website, and a strategically planned and designed website is what takes your website visitors and turns them into new customers!

How do I prepare for a new website?

It’s best to prepare to provide your logo, images, social media links, updated product and service descriptions, your contact info and anything else you want on your site!

Why is website maintenance important?

Having consistent website maintenance and care is vital for any website. Without it, you risk broken links and pages, outdated themes and plugins not to mention lost revenue from customers who abruptly leave a site that doesn’t work properly. At the worst, your website could lockup and you’ll be looking at a complete rebuild.

Why hire a web designer?

The benefits of hiring a professional web designer far outweigh the cons. Your website features will be more likely to run smoothly and securely. You’ll have a website that more directly meets the needs of your clients. If you are less then techy, you won’t have to deal with the overwhelm of doing it all yourself. A professional designer can create a layout optimized to be user-friendly and created with best practices to attract your customers. It will be built to bring organic traffic to the services you offer. Finding a web designer who cares about your bottom line and goals will result in an ROI that will make you more than glad you decided to hire a professional instead of doing it yourself.