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When I teach others how to build their own website, these are some of the

most important and best resources I recommend. I hope you find them just as useful!

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I found Siteground a few years ago and absolutely love it! It makes it so easy to set up your WordPress site, grab a domain and set up free (yes, I said FREE!) business emails.

Siteground is especially helpful if you plan on becoming a web designer as you can set up unlimited websites when you get the GrowBig Plan. It’s definitely worth it!

They have fantastic support, great pricing and an ultrafast server! Get from 20% to 100% Increase in speed! Limited-time offer: up to 80% off on all new annual shared hosting plans, with FREE CDN 2.0 included! Plus your domain is free for the first year! Sign up below to get this amazing deal!

You also get a special surprise by contacting me after you make your purchase! Just have your receipt ready to prove your purchase!

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is the place to go for your Divi Theme.

I always recommend getting the Lifetime Access to Divi for $249. Totally worth it. If that’s a little pricey, you can purchase a yearly subscription for $89. I like the one-and-done option myself though. Once you buy it, it’s yours. Nothing to pay ever again.

If you ever need help, they have great support and answer fairly quickly.

Tip: Look for a promo code and you might just be able to knock that $249 down to $199!


I’ve been using Jotform for several years and feel it’s the best of the best when it comes to forms that can do pretty much anything you want.

I use them in nearly all of my websites for Contact Forms, file uploading, Order Forms and more. They work so much better and offer way more than the WP plugins like WP Forms.

They have a free Starter Plan which can do quite a bit but to really get the full impact of what you can do, upgrading to the Bronze Plan or higher is your best bet.

Tip: Jotform has fantastic spam protection that you can enable on all of your forms. I went from 1-2 daily spam submissions to NONE as soon as I enabled it!



Honeybook is the must have go-to for web designers that want to keep organized. This platform helps you keep track of everything from Clients to Proposals to Invoicing. Tons of free templates, too, that makes it so easy and make you look way more professional to your clients!

Tip: Sign up using the link below and get 20% off! Awesome deal while you’re trying to figure it all out!


AioSEO – Website Optimization

Using AioSEO for your WordPress website SEO is a no brainer! Boost your website ranking on the search engines from the day you start using it!

One of the best online marketing tools, AioSEO is easy to install and start using right away on all of your website pages. It’s great for individual website owners or if you have a web design business you can choose one of the plans that let’s you have more than 1 website on your plan.

Tip: Sign up with my link below and get 60% off your 1st year with unlimited updates and support! 


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